Protecting Employers From Internal Disputes

At Davert Law Corporation, we represent businesses with annual revenues from $500,000 to $175 million. In order to maintain and encourage growth in earnings, the presidents and CEOs of companies have sought our advice. For over 20 years, we have tailored legal strategies that protect our clients from disruptive claims, whether internal employee issues or external disputes with competitors, vendors, other entities, or individuals.

As a general business law firm, our comprehensive legal services include employer law. Our attorneys' unique backgrounds, including service on municipal boards in Southern California, enable us to provide insight and advice regarding local and state agencies, their investigations, and regulations.

We Take Preventative Measures To Limit The Impact Of Employee Claims

Corporate and business clients rely on our guidance in all aspects of California employment law and federal laws affecting the workplace. We have helped clients avoid claims from employees, through drafting contracts and reviewing documents, including:

  • Employee handbooks, policies, and procedures manuals
  • Best practices

  • Severance agreements, employment contracts, and confidentiality agreements
  • Training practices

In addition, we have defended against employee claims, beginning with an investigation of the circumstances, moving to trial, and arguing in the appellate court. Skilled trial lawyers, we have a record of success in promoting our clients' interests at the state and federal levels, both in trial and arbitration in cases, including:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Discrimination
  • Retaliation
  • Harassment
  • Contract disputes

To provide cost-effective counsel, we review claims of employment litigation and will recommend an individualized course of action for our client. Included in our pre-litigation strategy is our evaluation of the dispute method that would create the best result for the circumstances. Whether negotiation, arbitration, litigation, or mediation is determined to be the most effective course of action to take, we have extensive experience with each process.

Contact Us To Address Employee Disputes

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