Taking The Long View When Litigating

At Davert Law Corporation, we have engaged in business litigation since 1992. Throughout the tenure of our litigation practice, we have pursued claims and defended clients' interests on both the state and federal levels, as well as in the appellate court. Recognizing the time and financial burdens associated with this form of conflict resolution, when appropriate, we have settled disputes through mediation, arbitration, and other methods of negotiation.

Informed by our extensive experience in the different methods of conflict resolution, we can advise on the most cost-effective manner to promote the long-term health of our client's business. Our legal strategy is always shaped by the circumstances at hand. These are the reasons that clients remain committed to Davert Law Corporation: We customize our representation for each case, and we provide seasoned counsel on each legal issue or dispute facing our clients.

Adept Advisers In Mediation, Arbitration, And Litigation

Before filing claims in court, we present a pre-litigation strategy to our clients. This candid evaluation of the benefits and drawbacks of litigating informs our clients of their options. We take pride in optimizing our clients' success by recognizing when and how to settle a case. Litigation may be the best solution for many disputes, but it is not necessarily the best remedy for all conflicts.

When it best serves our clients, we will litigate. We have a record of success in pursuing complex civil or business litigation and appeals in matters such as:

In addition to serving our business clients, we have represented major insurance companies on behalf of their insureds, as defense counsel or assigned independent counsel.

As experienced lawyers, we take the long view when developing a plan for resolving legal conflicts and issues. Rather than smoothing over immediate conflicts and issues, we locate the cause of the dispute and create a strategy that promotes a long-term solution.

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